You Deserve to Be Part of an Amazing Team

We hear it all the time when people like you apply for a career at Volusia Cleaning:

  • “My manager just didn’t like me.”

  • “They promised I would make much more but my paycheck was always so small”

  • “I came to the office in the morning only to find out I had no jobs to do that day”

  • “I didn’t feel that I could every get promoted and would be stuck doing the same thing every day"

At Volusia Cleaning, we believe that you should:

  • Earn a great salary

  • Receive great training

  • Be respected and supported by management at all times

  • Have an opportunity to grow and get promoted

  • Receive great benefits.

Job Application

Our Mission

At Volusia Cleaning, we provide a work environment that is challenging but fun, which allows workers to earn a great salary and makes a difference in the lives of our clients.
We believe that your career should support the life you want to live. If you join our team, that’s the kind of job you’ll get. You might just love a career in house cleaning!

Perfect for Mothers

We believe that our employees should not have to worry about their children while at work. For this reason, we do not require employees to come to the office every day.

You can go straight from your home to your job and then back to your home.

This allows our employees to drop off their kids at school or the bus stop in the morning and generally be back in time around the same time their kids get home.


  • No Required Nights Or Weekends

  • Paid Vacation

  • Perfect Attendance Bonuses

  • Bonuses - For Referring Workers Or Customers

  • Other Bonuses & Rewards

  • Local Jobs – Only Work In Your Preferred Area(s)

  • Fun Activities

  • Tips

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